Our Work

We use design methodologies and circular economy strategies to develop planet-centric outcomes to improve human and non-human species relationships for building a better and just future.


Remembering Together is a national project where community memorials will be co-created across Scotland to honour the people we have lost, mark what has changed in our lives and preserve the best of what we have learned together during the Covid pandemic. 

Circular economy strategies to offer customers a swap bottle experience that promotes the reuse of NC'NEAN whiskey bottles by partnering with local retailers.

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The Living Library, is a system composed of one digital and one physical tool aimed to connect different generations of growers to share and preserve knowledge around agro-biodiversity. 

Step Zero for Net Zero is an early intervention workshop for SMEs facing ambiguity and a lack of guidance. The workshop embodies in itself, the idea of net-zero transition from a state of uncertainty to positivity.

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