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The team behind this initiative is driven by their passion for working in the environmental sector and making a difference through design thinking. Ana and Vinishree both come with a vast understanding of Service Design and sustainable practices and are well-versed in co-designing with the stakeholders, combining empathy, collaboration, and future thinking. As design practitioners, they have worked with multidisciplinary teams within the public and the private sector, engaging in projects having a long term beneficial impact on the communities.

Vinishree Verma
Ana Guerrero


Service / industrial designer and architect

Vinishree is a service designer. She has been working as a design professional for 16 years. She brings along a trans-disciplinary pool of experience utilising research methodologies, design thinking, circular economy and net-zero strategies to effectively translate insights into planet centric design solutions for people, products, spaces and services.

Her experience in sustainable architecture, lighting, and industrial design combined with her recent service design work broadened her perspective on subjects ranging from design practices to product life cycle and environmental impact.

As a service designer, Vinishree has been working with companies creating positive, inclusive, accessible and experiential journeys while addressing the nuances of complex and straightforward services and digital solutions.

ana guerrero

Environmental designer and strategist

Ana is an integral designer with a socially engaged practice. Her work experience spans working and coordinating with multidisciplinary teams to develop design strategies, design new services, and create better opportunities for communities and businesses to grow. She has worked in design strategy and research projects —applying design thinking methodologies principally— collaboratively and independently in several areas related to design, such as service design, brand development, communication design, and social innovation for the public and private sectors.

Ana has a certification in Circular Economy and Sustainable practices from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and a Master's degree in Environmental Design Innovation from Glasgow School of Art.

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