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We follow a creative problem-solving process that begins with understanding human needs and ends with innovative solutions to address those needs.

These could be simple interventions for individuals to layered solutions for broader social impact.


Our approach is always to emphasize the questions, insights, and activities that lie with the people and their environment, leading to physically, perceptually, cognitively, and emotionally intuitive solutions.

Our Solutions
help organisations

Collaborate with multiple stakeholders to identify the needs of the service and co-design the solution with the user.

Create an environment for equality and inclusion through social innovation.

Embed sustainable development goals in the work practice for tackling climate change.

Reduce organizational, product and service delivery costs.


Commit to UK’s #RaceToZero and access incentives

and funding.


Building workforce ethos for a climate positive mindset.


Shift from short term planning to visualize long term sustainable goals.

Implement the most direct, feasible and effective solutions.


Market penetration by harnessing value creation opportunities and transformative innovation ideas within the ethical environmental practice.

what we do

We develop net-zero strategies for your business through design innovation.

We use design innovation to develop planet-centric strategies to improve human and non-human species relationships that allow us to build a better future.

The design perspective connects what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable. We offer strategic solutions for businesses aiming for transformation and value creation. Our design thinking mindset is solution-focused, action-oriented and user-centred.

how we work

We offer solutions created through design thinking methodologies that holistically capture your business’s environmental impact on society and the economy. Using Circular Economy strategies, we create macro to micro-level measures that amplify the sustainability outcomes for a long term future.


We help companies create an environment centric business canvas and net-zero action plan, which allows them to apply for green funding and net-zero financial incentives offered by UK Government bodies.

We will work closely with you and the people in your company to identify the significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions across your business, its operations, production, logistics and service delivery.


We will analyze your carbon footprint against the various parameters under net-zero’s Scope 1, 2 and 3. Businesses can efficiently address Scope 1 and 2, as they are primarily within their control. Transitioning to renewable energy and electric vehicles is the best way to achieve net-zero for Scope 1 and 2. However, the maximum impact falls within Scope 3, where we come into the picture. We will help you address the complexities of your environmental impact within your business’s value chain through circular economy strategies.

Plan & Commit

Net-zero is not carbon offsetting but re-designing the ways of production and consumption. Our aim is to help you transition to net-zero through the most ethical, equitable and just way.


Design thinking methodologies and circular economy strategies are incorporated at this stage to co-design the net-zero roadmap, considering your business’s positioning, constraints, and available resources.


We will design strategies to translate emission reduction goals into practical steps in collaboration with you and your team. This will help your internal workforce to imbibe a positive climate mindset and strengthen your company’s stand towards environmental responsibility.

Act & Evaluate

These strategic solutions nudge businesses towards desirable future transformation and value creation. Using circular economy strategies will allow us to create not only reach net-zero goals but value creation opportunities and transformative innovation ideas within the ethical, environmental practice. We want to shift from short-term planning to visualising long-term sustainable goals during this stage.

We will set up an evaluation calendar to assess the results with you and your team.

Circular economy strategies 

We help businesses responsibly engage with circular economy strategies of eliminating, circulating, and regenerating to reduce their carbon emissions.

Circular Economy

At AROUND ZERO, we aim to drive the net-zero transition for businesses and society through sustainable practices that contribute to the balance of our environment.

A circular economy means redefining the ways of production and consumption by eliminating waste by extending the lifespan of materials. It is based on three principles, and all are driven by design:

  • Eliminate waste & pollution

  • Circulate products & materials

  • Regenerate natural systems

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