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Remembering together

Co-creating Covid Community Memorial is a project supported by UNESCO City of Design Dundee, Green Space Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government.​ It is about creating together a memorial that is a healing path to remember and honour all those affected by Covid, mark what has been lost and changed in our lives and preserve the best of what we have learned together during the pandemic.

The pandemic has impacted the people of Dundee beyond health and has stirred all aspects of individual lives, communities and the built & natural environment. The negative impacts can be seen in all age groups, genders, and races. Moreover, it has deepened the pre-existing inequalities harshly affecting those already marginalised and excluded due to their economic status, disability, ethnicity, or even opinions. There has been another side to this story as well - people have shown resilience to rise to the challenge and trigger positivity through their actions and goodwill.

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